An invitation to ICC Ota's multilingual counseling day

As is often said, the first year of elementary school, junior high school or high school is tough for new students. If they do things well in the first year of school life, it will be easier for them to gain promotion to second grade. A high school teacher who works for a night high school located in Ota city once told us that only 60 percent of the first graders can become a junior while 40%-first graders dorop out or remain in the same grade. In addition, we are afraid that many a student is suffering aftereeffects of the great Tohoku and Kanto earthquake and tsunami and fear of being exposed to radiation.
With these in mind, ICC (Interpeople Community Center) Ota is going to offer multilingual consultation services for foreign parents and their school children living in and around Ota city Tokyo on Saturday, May 28, 2011. Educational or school related issues in a wide range will be handled by specialists, including school counselors and school teachers. When counseling, English, Chinese, Tagalog and some other foreign languages are available.

Date: Saturday, May 28, 2011 (13:00 to 17:00)
Place: Classroom, mics Ota, 4 minutes' walk from East Exit, Kamata Station on the KeihinTohoku Line, JR.
Sponsored by Interpeople Community Center, Ota
Supported by Ota Teachers' Union (under negotiation)

Counseling is offered free of charge and no reservation is necessary.
For detail, call Mr. Hirata or Toyota at 03-6424-8822 (Monday through Friday)
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