Chubu Electric Power Co. plans to halt Hamanaka nuclear power plant.

The Mainichi Daily News reported on Saturday, May 7 that Chubu Electric Power Co. plans to stop all reactors at its Hamanaka nuclear plant in Shizuoka Prefecture in response to Prime Minister Kan Naoto's request to do so for security reasons. The Hamanaka complex is located on the Pacific coast in Omaezaki, southwest of Tokyo, standing near a major fault line. Currently, the Nos. 4 and 5 reactors are in operation and the utility had been hoping to restart the No. 3 reactor, which is undergoing regular checks, as early as July. The Nos. 1 and 2 reactors, in the meantime, have already been put out of operation and the utility will decommission them.
Prime minister reportedly said that the nuclear power station should be halted untile the utility implents medium- to long-tem measures for protection against natural disasters, including building embankments because of concerns that a powerful earthquake could trigger yet another serious nuclear crisis. He also referred to the scicence ministry's prediction of an 87% chance of an magnitude-8.0 quake hitting the Tokai region within the next 30 years.

Chubu Electric Power Co. President Mizuno Akihisa said in a statement that the utility will "swiftly consider" the government's request and decide whether to suspend the plant's operations, the paper added.

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